Seeks sanity

To the Editor:

Please help me understand this. A defeated town supervisor is determined to be the most qualified applicant for Personnel Director, then he is the most qualified to be the County Manager and also the only one in the whole county qualified to be the IT Director by the good old boys. Then he comes up with a cockamamie scheme to soak the public in taxes so the board of supervisors can increase spending in the future. The Board of Supervisors suddenly finds $2-plus million of federal money that no one (?) knew about and refused his plan, and he retires petulantly in a snit. He shortly thereafter experiences buyer’s remorse and plans are put into motion to beg him to rescind his retirement. One of the major arguments being his indispensability and the six months needed to find a replacement. Even the Pope isn’t that indispensible.

Combine all of the above with the other statements made by our Board of Rocket Scientists (sorry, Supervisors), such as they cannot cut any workers from an already bloated nepotistic county government. They cannot go a year without giving mid level managers a pay raise. They need to bet on the come with the sale of Horace Nye for operating funds. They did not know about the $2.8 million from FEMA and they did not understand how the accounting is done in the county.

We have the Board of Supervisors saying one thing, the indispensible good old boy County Manager saying another thing, and the County Treasurer saying a third. With all of this, we the taxpayers of the county are supposed to have confidence in our county government. I think not!

Please Santa give us a County Legislature, a professional County Manager and possibly some sanity from Elizabethtown in 2013.

George King, Westport

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