What is your least favorite food, and why don’t you like it?

“I don’t like toast with butter, because I don’t like butter unless it’s melted.” (Kayla Gonyo)

“I don’t like ham, because it has stuff in it I don’t like.” (Eli Morin)

“I don’t like pepperoni pizza, because it tastes bad.”(Maggie Selleck)

Johnsburg Central School

Ms. Hagadorn, Grade 1

“My least favorite food is broccoli because it lookes weird like a tree!” (Levi Neal)

“My least favorite food is cherries because you can’t eat the seed or you will get sick.” (Hayden Baker)

“My least favorite food is whip cream because it makes me sick.” (Sean Bibby)

“My least favorite food is fish because it looks weird!” (Mia Connelly)

“My least favorite food is mashed potatoes because they stink.” (Alexandra Butler)

“My least favorite food is fish sticks because they have fish in it.” (Angelo Galle)

“My least favorite food is tuna fish because it makes my stomach hurt!” (Antonio Morehouse)

“My least favorite food is spaghetti with sauce because my dad puts too much sauce on it and it has tomato chunks.” (Caroline Williams)

“My least favorite food is beets because they are purple and they look funny.” (Cole Sears)

“My least favorite food is potatoes because they don’t taste good.” (Brian Burkhardt)

“My least favorite food is bananas because I don’t like peeling the peel off.” (Hunter Denno)

Johnsburg Central School

Mrs. McKenna, Grade 2

“I don’t like brussel sprouts. They taste very gross. I would rather eat chocolate!” (Julia Morris)

“Spinach is gross. I do not like it because it tastes really bad and I never want to taste it again.” (Duncan Cameron)

“I don’t like broccoli. I do not like the taste.” (Nathan Lorensen)

“My least favorite food is oatmeal. I do not like the taste and it is blah.” (Silas Taylor)

“Broccoli is the worst food. I just don’t like it!” (Santina Leto)

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