Turning Back the Pages

Steep tax hike

Ralph M. Brown, Tax Collector, will be collecting taxes at various locations around Warrensburgh this month. The tax burden will be higher this year and a total of $18,736.37 must be taken in order to balance the books, according to Supervisor Milton N. Eldridge.

Last year the town showed a deficit of $304 and $350 must be raised by taxation to pay the yearly salary of the road commissioner whose rate this year has been raised to $468. (Note: According to the 1910 census, there were 2,385 citizens in Warrensburgh to share this tax increase.)

Little newcomers

On Christmas Eve 1912, the stork presented Mrs. Arthur Cleveland with a ten-pound baby boy. That same night, the stork brought Mrs. Arthur Duell of Diamond Point a seven-pound son.

A fine boy arrived Dec. 27, 1912 at the home of Dennis Bump of North River. The busy stork left a baby boy at the Trout Lake, Bolton home of George Tubbs. A son was born Dec. 29, 1912 to Mrs. Frank Clute in Stony Creek. (Note: “The stork” must have had only boys left to give out at the end of his 1912 inventory.)

Sweet and sour notes

W.M. Marvin of Elizabethtown has been presented with a gold medal valued at $25 for having driven his Maxwell automobile 50,000 miles. The medal was awarded by the Albany Maxwell car dealers.

The going rate for school teachers has been currently raised to $30 a month. A gasoline engine has been installed in Lee Hall’s excelsior mill in Stony Creek.

William H. Morrise and Marion Daney, both of Igerna, were united recently in marriage at Pottersville. Harry Higgins of Igerna is ill with the grip and tonsillitis. Mrs. George Rhodes fell on the icy sidewalk and sprained her wrist. Mrs. Warren Bennett is ill with quinsy. Its going to be a long, cold winter.

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