Water woes

Now I look back to the day we delivered our letter to the village office, requesting an adjustment to our bill regarding the estimate readings. The village sent an employee the very next day to read both meters. He said the inside meter was fine. He told us that our outside meter read error. Why didn’t the village send a technician then? Why didn’t they fix it? It was their responsibility. 

The following day after the board of trustees meeting, the village promptly sent out a technician. And he promptly fixed a loose wire. lt took perhaps two minutes. He knew exactly where to look and what to do. He was invited into the garage regarding our other meter. He kindly declined saying it is not necessary, I know it works. 

Why didn’t the village call the technician with the first error reading? Or the second error reading which they called us for an actual reading from the inside meter. And the third reading was an error as well. Three in a row! Why didn’t the village contact their technician? Why wasn’t it fixed it? lt is the village’s responsibility. Does the village not take their responsibility seriously? 

Now, looking back through to the year of 2007, all our meter readings have been actual except for the recent three. Since the village installed the digital meter and since the village of Port Henry, 2011 Water Law #2 was adopted, and changed. 

We still worry about the old gray mare. She isn’t what she used to be, and neither is our village of Port Henry. Perhaps there are many other citizens of our village affected by this water law. We welcome your ideas and thoughts. Let us solve this together and make it right. 

We would like to close this letter with kudos to our village of Port Henry Fire Department for your dedication to our village. Your total  man hours: 3,483.12 for 2012 is real dedication. Also, congratulations to your young new Firefighters.

Janet Billingsley Hansen & Erik Hansen, Port Henry

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