Water woes

During the review at the meeting, the board harped on me because l did not follow up on the questionable water fee. Demanding, “Why didn’t you follow up?” After some thought, l answered, l forgot. She quickly burst out, “it’s your responsibility to follow up.” The board and others filled the room with murmurs. When I returned home, humiliated and exhausted, l looked at my calendar at the month of June. It indicated that I had been ill and in the hospitalized at Fletcher Allan six months ago during the following week of June 8, 2012. 

Most citizens had promptly requested in writing, a response regarding estimated water readings. While under review the voices again rang out, “Two in a row.”This as I read to myself, the Water Law #2 of 2011, which places a $100 fee to each metered account if no actual reading is obtained or provided, and the prior two billings were estimated. Also the account will be billed $257 and the ”no meter reading rate will continue until there are two consecutive actual readings.” The chorus went on and on, “Two in a row. You should read the paper. You should read the law.” " I shook my head no, it is and the prior two, not two in a row. Nays filled the room. 

When it was my turn, I was about to speak as I heard a voice coming from across the room. He was sitting with his back to us and facing the wall. It was our village water/sewer superintendent. He spoke of my husband with great disrespect and innuendos until a board member pointed out that I was there. 

As the board meeting progressed, members and others continued in a frenzy of voices, some smiling and even laughing, “Two in a row, read the paper, read the law.” I then started reading my request letter out loud until the room was quiet. Then I showed them that I had the latest law, Sept. 15, 2011, and pointed out that it stated, “and the prior two billings were estimated, not or. This is the latest change of the Village Water Law #2.” They insisted that I read the law. I didn’t have a copy. They gave me one from the office dated May 4, 2011. I then told them that mine is the latest where the water law was changed. lt states the latest changes. The room was so noisy with negative opinions; l didn’t even hear the board vote or the decision and asked them to repeat it. The mayor stated that it was denied. 

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