Water woes

To the Valley News:

Water or not, here we come! 

The old gray mare she isn’t what she used to be, and neither is our village of Port Henry or its meetings. 

The regular monthly board meeting on Dec. 12 was of great interest to us because “The Review and Decisions on Water Adjustment Requests” was on the agenda. You see, in November we received our water/sewer bill which was over twice the amount we usually pay even though we used the same quantity of water we had used for years. This is a bill of penalties and fines. And this is not for the usage nor is it for late or non-payments. The penalties and fines are for meter readings, actual vs. estimate, and will continue for at least two more cycles. This means at the least, your bill will triple. Our new Water Law #2 was adopted by the village of Port Henry board of trustees on the date of April 27, 2011. It was filed on the date of  May 4, 2011. It was changed on the date of Sept. 15, 2011. 

The review and make decisions on water adjustments requests were distributed to the board members prior to the meeting. Many requests seemed to be denied with an occasional approval. One person wrote that he does not read the paper (in regards to the New Water Law #2 publication). And a chorus of voices rang out, “should have read the paper.” Then l heard the nays. The board denied the request, seemingly, without consideration of this citizen’s possible situation. This could be a senior citizen, a disabled person or may have glaucoma. In my opinion, this lack of concern and disregard is very hurtful in many ways. 

This lack of concern and disregard of the board has affected me, personally. After paying our June bill, in full and a week early at our village hall, I was just about out the door when I noted my circle and question mark for the water portion reminding me to ask about it. I inquired about it because it seemed like an odd amount. No one behind the counter could explain it either. Just that it was an estimate. They agreed to look into this and we would talk later as I had to leave for an appointment. I had included this particular bill in my Water Adjustment Request letter to the board regarding the estimate status. 

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