Stands by statements

To the Valley News:

Reference is made to Ken Fenimore's letter to the editor in the Feb. 23 issue of the Valley News.

In response to being accused of lying, I stand by my statement that years ago Ken Fenimore was with the Elizabethtown Fire Department and then quit. I base my statement on the fact that the fire department offers no retirement package and that Fenimore is no longer with the department. For whatever his reasons were, he made the choice to quit. Recently, current members of the Elizabethtown Fire Department have told me that Ken never did complete the initiation phase to become a member. Ken also failed to mention that he was being paid to be treasurer of the department.

Along this same path, Ken also received money for being a town councilman.

About 95 percent of the current residents here in Elizabethtown are not on any of Fenimore's so-called lists. Most of us have our own way of contributing to this community and unlike Ken Fenimore, we do not brag about what we have done. Ken is in a class by himself.

Instead of airing the blatant miscues I find in Ken's letter, I offer him this suggestion. As I see him go by my place of business quite frequently lately, I invite him to stop in. I would like to discuss what he has against our town board and its supervisor. Also, I would like to find out what this so-called cause is that he mentions at the end of his letter. He says his loyalty is to the town, well so is mine. Perhaps we could find some common ground together and do some good for this community.

On a lighter note, I commend Supervisor Bartley for attending the recent NYS Association of Towns meeting in New York City. These trips are not funded by our town. She had to pay for everything on her own. It is good to see that this town finally has a supervisor who attends these meetings and realizes the importance of continuing education in her job.

Malcolm Martin, Elizabethtown

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