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Although the loss of one to two pounds per week is the goal, the group also focuses on “non-scale” victories; someone can wear their wedding ring again, another has gained mobility that they’d lost 10 years ago, another is off high blood pressure meds and is no longer diabetic. Climbing a flight of stairs is another victory to boast about! Movement and a positive sense of self are the goals—applause and laughter are the background music to this program.

We met Mary, a Certified Personal Trainer, at one of our favorite haunts in Plattsburgh, HOT YOGA! Being a big believer in cross training, Mary is the fit dynamo behind this program. She recently accomplished a dream by receiving her Master’s degree in exercise science. She and her husband set up runs and Mary also hosts a workplace wellness program at Pfizer! No question that she’s a go-to-gal for inspiration and assistance in getting your own wellness program going. She can be reached at 297-2192.

OUR RECOMMENDATIONS: (Mary’s too!!) Don’t be extreme; weight loss and wellness are a life-long process and your personal regimen needs to be manageable and doable on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Get moving; 10 to 15 minutes a day is something that everyone can commit to! Begin to eliminate processed foods, one food at a time…and shop around the perimeter of the grocery store, that’s where you’ll find the healthiest choices. Walk the stairs, park further out, move in any way that you can….you get the idea! Now, get going!

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