If you found a magic lamp and had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

Johnsburg Central School

Mrs. Flanagan, Kindergarten

“I’d wish for three more X-Box 360 games.” (Eric Mason)

“I’d wish for another cat, another dog, and a new pirate ship.” (Emma Wilson)

“I’d wish for a garden hat, garden gloves, and a shovel so I could work in the garden.” (Ariana Harvey)

“I’d wish for a guitar, a piano, and a dog.” (Elijah Muniz)

“I’d wish for a bunny, a toy Care Bear, and a dog.” (Kayla Gonyo)

“I’d wish for it to be summer, to go to Mason’s house, and to go to New York City.” (Eli Morin)

“I’d wish for a puppy, a kitten, and a baby chipmunk.” (Adriana Washburn)

“I’d wish for a dog, a bouncy ball, and a snowman.” (Bailey Brown)

Johnsburg Central School

Ms. Hagadorn, Grade 1

“I would wish for a pet goldfish, a new board game, and a robot.” (Cole Sears)

“I would wish for lunch every five minutes, my brothers to be nice to me, and only have a sister.” (Mackenzie Mulligan)

“I would wish for the Spiderman cave, the Knight cave, and a pet cat named Midnight.” (Hayden Baker)

“I would wish for kittens to fall from the sky, have lunch all day, and magical lanterns.” (Mia Connelly)

“I would wish for lunch every two minutes, fifteen flying kittens, and candy!” (Caroline Williams) 

“I would wish for a telescope, a SMARTBOARD, and a Spiderman costume.” (Hunter Denno)

“I would wish for more wishes!” (Alexandra Butler)

“I would wish for that my dad’s back didn’t hurt, I wish I could drive my snowmobile, and work with dad every day.” (Sean Bibby)

“I would wish for Kid Icarus, a giant robot, and another three wishes!” (Levi Neal)

“I would wish for a remote control monster truck, a new video game, and a bike.” (Antonio Morehouse)

“I would wish for everyone to be nice to each other, my brother would be nice too, and I would try to be nicer to my brother so we could get along.” (Angelo Galle)

“I would wish that my names was Thorin from the Hobbit, I wished I lived in a castle and lots of gold.” (Brian Burkhardt)

“I would wish for a cell phone to call my mom, I wish I was a grown up and a teacher because my teacher is nice to me.” (Alesha Johnston)

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