Food for thought

An elderly man was awakened from sleep by noises and voices. He reached for his gun and warned the invaders he had a gun and was going to shoot them if they didn’t leave right away. There were four perpetrators; three were armed. Shots were exchanged; the invaders left the scene. Two were wounded several times. The homeowner was unhurt.

Point being, put yourself in a situation like this. You have “Cuomo clips,” seven rounds each. This puts you at a disadvantage immediately as compared to the pre-“Safe Act” allowances. Ask yourself, honestly, which would you rather have: large capacity clips or “Cuomo clips”? I’m betting on the former.

To my brothers and sisters in law enforcement, the law-abiding citizens are not your enemies. At this point in history, you have two things to fear, miscreants who get their guns illegally and unconstitutional orders by your superiors.

Our sheriffs are essential in retaining our rights. I hope ours will take a firm stand as others in our nation already have, in favor of the rights of their constituents and condemn additional gun control legislation. The “Safe Act” should be called the “Confiscation Act.” It doesn’t make us safe. It makes law abiding people criminals. If you think otherwise, try not complying with its mandates.

God Bless you all.

John Capek, Crown Point

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