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To the Times of Ti:

I am a retired Nassau County police officer. When in active service, we had to qualify annually at the gun range.

One of the concerns our department wanted to keep us aware of was the stresses put upon all who are confronted with life threatening situations; something, thank God, I have never experienced, but have tried to prepare myself for. There is no doubt some of you — veterans, police and civilians alike — have had those experiences. If you have, maybe you could share some of those experiences in letters to the editor.

The best way for the department to simulate this experience was to have us run 100 yards and immediately line up on multiple targets, fire, reload and fire again. You immediately realize how hard it is to hit your targets. Many rounds missed their mark. If you had a revolver, you probably dropped more rounds than went into the cylinder when reloading. We used speed loaders which were still too slow. If you had a semi-automatic, you might have fumbled with the clip or attempted to put it in upside down or in reverse.

In addition, you were timed during the exercise. This was also revealing. Imagine someone firing at you or charging at you with a knife. By the way, the guy with the knife has to be stopped before he gets within ten feet of you. Otherwise his forward motion will keep him coming into you enough to injure or kill you. This is why police agencies went to semi- automatics. I believe some New Jersey officers even carried 25-round clips at one time.

Recently, I have heard several commercials on the radio by law enforcement agencies, to the public, warning that home invasions with up to four perpetrators are on the rise. I would like to relate all of the above to a real life story.

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