Despite reservations, John King plea deal agreed to

— Sprague also spoke to the family of John King, who she implied had written letters of support for him and against Meredith.

“I can’t believe very educated people who throw around their degrees can get snowballed like this,” she said. “John King entered this plea because he knew he could not sweet-talk his way out of the evidence. I wish the family would have seen the evidence because it could not be smooth-talked or sugar-coated.”

After Meredith and Sprague spoke, Judge Meyer stated his displeasure with he plea agreement.

“After reading the pre-sentencing report, I have great reservations about this agreement,” Meyer said. “I really have significant doubts as to whether 10 years is appropriate and I need to know if the victim is still in agreement with this. I am concerned, and this case might be better off going to trial.”

Following a long recess where Sprague and Meredith King consulted, the two returned to the courtroom.

Sprague said King did have reservations about the plea, but, “the reality of it is that she does not want to put her kids through anymore of this.”

Meyer then turned his attention to John King, asking if he had a statement. John, who did not look at his wife or Sprague during their talks, rose slowly and said, “No, your honor.”

Meyer asked King to remain standing as he spoke about the case.

“I have no reason to doubt anything that your wife has said,” Meyer said. “I am very concerned about these children and your wife. No person should be subjected to the things you did on the morning in question. They are barbaric and inhumane. I have great reservations about this sentence being appropriate for you. I am reluctantly going to go along with the conditions of sentencing, because your family has to continue to re-live the tragedy of that day, and I do not want to put your children through that again.”

John King was then remanded to a sheriff’s deputy for transport to a state prison.

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