Shooting the messenger

To the Valley News:

It’s been my habit not to ignore Malcolm Martin, or his ilk, so I shall not ignore his Letter to the Editor from Dec. 22.

Malcolm takes his usual approach of shooting the messenger since he won‘t, or can‘t, debate the message. He states my comments are false, but doesn’t mention which ones. He seems to think my concern regarding the budget, and the law, should be settled in the Supervisors office, but I prefer to talk with the entire Board about such things in a public meeting. That’s what the meetings are for. Secret talks don’t interest me, but transparency and open, honest government does and it‘s missing right now.

Malcolm crossed a line for me when he states that I’m a “quitter “ who years ago quit the Elizabethtown Vol. Fire Dept. Malcolm, as does his ilk, is lying about this. I served 20 years as a vol. fireman, 14 of which as sec./treasurer. I retired at 20 years and am officially listed as such. It can be extraordinarily hard and sometimes dangerous work. The men and women who are willing to do this must be commended. The list of active and retired members is long, but I didn’t see Malcolm’s name on that list.

Later I served as a Fire Commissioner for three years, which shares a long list of volunteers. I didn’t see Malcolm’s name on that list.

I also served as a School Board member for five and a half years, in two stints. The list of volunteers for that duty was long, but I didn’t see Malcolm’s name on that list.

I served six and a half years on the Town Board before resigning. The list is also long for the folks willing to step up and take the responsibility, but I didn’t see Malcolm’s name on that list either.

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