Relocating Otis Lane Bridge not worth the investment

The Essex County DPW did an outstanding job replacing the former bridge. The county was responsible for the old bridge, it had become a public safety issue, and county highway workers stepped in and replaced it.

But the old bridge should have been cut up on site and sold for its salvage value. There is a reason the state of New York did not try and save the old Lake Champlain bridge or relocate it somewhere for the sake of prosperity.

It had significant historic value to thousands of local residents.

But saving it was cost prohibitive. So was the relocation of the Otis Bridge, albeit on a much smaller level.

No matter what the cost of relocating it, however, we believe the money and time invested could have been better spent on a more worthwhile county project.

There are other bridges that need immediate attention. Ford Bridge and Martin’s Bridge, both in Schroon, and Moriah Center Bridge in Moriah have all been red-flagged for replacement in 2013.

Wouldn’t the money and time spent on relocating the Otis Bridge been better spent at those locations?

These are very trying economic times. Spending the money to save and relocate an old rusty bridge for use at a fairground that may itself soon be on the chopping block was not a prudent financial decision.

Our county supervisors need to spend more time prioritizing what they spend our tax dollars on and less time holding up morning commuters.

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