Johnsburg board considers condemning Cuomo's SAFE Act

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Based on the recommendation of the board’s Personnel Committee, the board agreed to hire Dreu Briggs as a part-time cleaner at the town offices, but the appointment was not without controversy.

Councilman Olesheski took the appointment as an opportunity to voice concerns about the hiring process for part-time positions and then segued into his concerns about communication gaps between the supervisor and himself.

“I have expressed concerns about some of the hiring that seems to have been sort of willy nilly,” Olesheski said. “What positions require board resolutions and which are at the discretion of the supervisor (or certain board members)?”

Vanselow said that typically, full-time positions have been done by resolution of the entire board but that he has typically made appointments for part-time positions, based on recommendations from various board committees such as the Personnel Committee.

“I’m all for tightening this up,” Vanselow said.

Then Olesheski shared concerns that he has been excluded from discussions about such matters.

“It seems like in the last year, there’ve been a lot of closed-door meetings about stuff and I don’t hear about them until after the fact,” Olesheski said, explaining that it appears to him that everyone on the board is a party to those discussions except him.

Vanselow said that it wasn’t intentional.

“I see Kate (Nightingale) in town frequently,” Vanselow said. “I see Gene (Arsenault) in town. Arnold (Stevens) calls me regularly. I’m not intentionally leaving you out of any of this. I will try harder.”

When Vanselow called the vote to approve the appointment of Briggs as a part-time cleaner, Olesheski cast the lone “no” vote and the appointment was approved 4-1.

After the meeting, Olesheski said that his “no” vote wasn’t a vote against Briggs.

“I don’t even know Dreu Briggs,” Olesheski said. “It was definitely a vote against the process.”

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