Indian Lake voices concerns over New York SAFE Act, gun control

— Stanton then proposed the Hamilton County resolution to the board for approval. The board approved this resolution unanimously. Both resolutions will be available on townofindianlake.org website for public review.

Cuts in state school aid

Supervisor Wells gave a brief update of the joint Town and School Board meeting that occurred on Feb. 6 and the fact that it was held to find ways to cooperate, share services and cut costs in overcoming challenges and meeting needs.

Wells then informed attendees that the joint meeting was dominated by the fact that Hamilton County and Indian Lake schools were facing severe cuts to state school aid funding in the face of a promise by Gov. Cuomo of a 4.4 percent statewide increase in education funding. Wells defined the cut to funding at 13.2 percent and read a letter he prepared to Cuomo in which he states that the current trend of unfunded mandates from the state combined with such decreases in state funding were “systematically bankrupting” the school systems within the blue line.

Wells then called for letters from all the town organizations to go to state and local elected officials, not only for gun laws, but for the salvation of the school system.

“If we lose our schools, what young couples will want to move here?” Wells said.

A motion to send the letter was seconded and the board voted unanimously for the supervisor to send the letter.

DEC, former Finch lands

Supervisor Wells and Councilman Valentine brought the remaining board members and attendees up-to-date with the “ideas” for land classification presented by Tom Martin and Bob Stegemann of the DEC during their recent presentation at the Indian Lake Town Hall.

It was explained that the most central issue to the town was access from Chain Lakes Road through to Cedar River. The DEC officials suggested that if proof could be presented of that being a public accessible town road prior to 1909, then the road could be grandfathered. Councilman Valentine informed the meeting that, indeed, Meade Hutchins had researched and found data proving such was the case as early as 1886.

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