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100 Years Ago - February 1913

Glens Falls legend dies

Henry Crandall, 92, the grand old man of Glens Falls, widely known as a philanthropist and beloved by all who enjoyed his acquaintance, died the morning of Feb. 19, 1913 at his home in Crandall Place, Monument Square. (Note: The traditional entrance of Crandall Public Library faces a park where Henry Crandall’s house used to be. On the left, his carriage house still exists now along the north side of Maple St.) Crandall expressed a desire to live until his 92nd birthday and that wish was granted him as of Feb. 13, 1913. He left a record of many noble deeds for the benefit of his fellow men.

About two weeks ago, he had a slight shock of paralysis, later followed by attacks of greater severity which left him in a hopeless condition. Unable to eat he became unconscious and remained in that condition until he died. His only surviving relative is his wife of 54 years, the former Betsey “Hattie“Waters, 80, of Horicon. They were a well-mated couple who lived happily together until death separated them.

Henry Crandall was born in 1821 at East Lake George in the town of Caldwell. In a common country district school, which he had to be away from more than less because of hard work he was obliged to perform on the family farm, he did succeed in acquiring an education which stood him well in hand when he entered the business world. When he was but a small boy he left home to work 10 months in the hills for a compensation of $11 to $13 dollars per month. He was determined to become successful in the business world and saved his money judiciously until at age 31 he had accumulated the sum of $1,000. Before and during the Civil War his money was invested successfully with John J. Harris and a man named Finch in a lumber tract in the Boreas River section of the Adirondacks. He became a leading lumber baron and retired after the war a wealthy man.

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