Over the fence

Tammy Winslow extends a Thank You to a stranded motorist she assisted by volunteering the use of her home phone to call a repair man for assistance. The motorist returned the favor with a lovely gift of a bouquet of flowers delivered to her home. Tammy did not get the woman’s name, but hopes that she will read this and know how nice Tammy thought this gesture was.

This incident raises the question, what have we done lately to “give back” to others? How about paying for the next person’s coffee at the coffee shop you stop into before heading to work? Simple things like this will make you feel great and the recipient, even better!

Did you know that those little box tops on the items you buy mean real dollars to schools, Warrensburg elementary and high schools in particular? Every five box tops can yield $2.50 cash to the schools, and Campbell’s soup labels yield nearly 20 cents each, and the “Labels for Education” are worth about 25 cents per label.

The labels can be deposited in a convenient drop box at the Thurman Town Hall, just inside the front doors.

I will pick these labels up and make sure they get to the appropriate person so they can help our local students.

So, please drop these labels off when you drive through town!

On a personal note

Esther Kennedy’s 11 children would like her to be remembered on the 10-year anniversary of her passing. Her children are Hiram, Matt, John, Milton, Wayne and Kathy Kennedy; Virginia Vansyk; Shirley Burt; Vivian Ekstrand; Patricia Hill and Nancy Hill. Esther was a wonderful mother, greatly missed and on a personal note, she was a dear friend to my grandmother as well.

Congratulations go out to Sophia Magagnoli, who was recently awarded by Warrensburg Central School authorities. Sophia, a fifth-grade student, is the daughter of Jeana and David Levitsky of Warrensburg. Sophia was nominated for the award her music teacher, Mrs. Davey, who noted, “Sophia is an exemplary student. She is smart, kind, and compassionate to other students and teachers as well, understanding and tolerant of others’ opinions, a diligent worker in class, and truly loved by all.”

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