Check the facts about Thurman EMS

Thurman EMS has sent letters to all residents describing their financial predicament and requesting donations. There have been numerous articles posted in the Adirondack Journal. Any resident should be aware of what is going on in their own town. This is not news to Supervisor Wood.

The Post-Star article also states that Thurman EMS could not keep up with the call volume in 2011, requiring Warrensburg to cover the town. But in 2012, the squad hired paid EMTs to do exactly what she asked, provide coverage for the town, 24/7, and the call response was 98%. This fact was presented to Wood during several town meetings. The squad did what she asked, expecting some type of town support to follow, but she still denied funding.

Thurman EMS is dedicated to the residents, and has struggled financially to provide service. I have personally met people whose lives were saved by Thurman EMS.

No matter what solution is decided upon, it’s not going to be for free. If a private company is hired they will not “soft bill” as Thurman EMS does. The residents will be paying full price for their ambulance transport. Even if another agency covers Thurman, they can’t afford to do it for free. No one can. Somehow, money will be needed to cover the town’s emergency needs. Evelyn Wood sponsored a resolution to raise taxes, and taxes were raised by a little more than 5 percent, but still nothing for the squad.

So, let’s hear from the residents. What do YOU want? It’s time you made that heard. Call your Town Board, call Amy Drexel, call Evelyn Wood, and call our Congressman.

Let’s make sure we get the timely response that’s critical when we call 911. Every minute counts when someone is waiting for help in a medical emergency.

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