Assessments questioned

To the Times of Ti:

Having just recently paid my town and county property tax, I am again reminded of our lack of leadership in Ticonderoga.

Knowing that Ticonderoga had rising property values during the ongoing recession while the national outcry was over decreasing property values, I have to question the competency of our assessor. Knowing that the reason given for substantial increases in assessments was a town wide reval to get us back at 100 percent of value in 2010 why did many assessments jump again in 2011 when property values in the rest of the county were falling? Were the original 2010 assessments wrong or were the 2011 wrong? Not a concern for the unfortunate ones that also received yet another increase in 2012.

Is this incompetence? Knowing that there are locations in Ticonderoga where one can stand and view several different residential vacant lots in the same immediate neighborhood, that are, for some unknown reason, assessed at different valuations per acre, I have to question the competency of our assessor. Knowing that one can review the Essex County list of comparable properties for Ticonderoga and find significant valuation differences. Shouldn’t “comparables” be somewhat close. I have to question our assessor’s competency.

Since our assessor is appointed where is our elected leader in, at the least, investigating this problem? I have heard the tales of assessors being protected by state regulations, but are they protected for incompetency? Not according to the state. Sometimes leaders have to stand up and do what is right for the people that elected them. If that means making hard choices, so be it. Our town deserves a better assessment process and better leadership to see that we get it.

Bill Grinnell, Ticonderoga

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