NY becoming a police state

To the Times of Ti:

I want to thank everyone who has written a letter to the Times of Ti editor for their support against Gov. Cuomo’s new gun control law. I am a 13 year member of the NRA and love America.

Look at New York prior to 1994 and the federal assault weapons ban. Now look at it today. It’s much worst. It almost seems like New York is becoming a police state. Each year there are new laws that take our rights away. These laws benefit the government. Not we the people. Gov. Cuomo, you said this law was not aimed at sportsman. But that’s not true. Are not competition shooters who use the AR15 rifle in their sport? And it’s not just New York, if President Obama has his way a United Nations Gun Ban treaty will be signed later this year. It’s Goal: Ban almost every gun in America.

I do not blame the Bush Master rifle that killed 26 young Americans in Newtown, Conn. I blame a careless mother who failed to lock her guns from a son she knew was mentally ill, how stupid! This sad event has given our gun hating government just what they wanted. A way to stomp our rights to bear arms into the ground. If we don’t speak out against this we may soon find out that we have no rights! All over the world there have been massacres in countries that do not allow firearm ownership. My biggest fear is that sooner or later this is coming to America. That is my opinion of this madness that is being forced upon law abiding citizens. 

Geriann Caron, Port Henry

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