Lovers’ Day is approaching

Valentine’s Day is the second most celebrated holiday around the world second only to New Year’s Day. St. Valentine's Day began as a religious celebration of one or more early Christian saints named Valentinus. We hope that 2013 brings you a happy Valentine’s Day celebration!

Pavement heaves are annoying

Have you noticed the big dips and rises in our Thurman roads? Well, so have I.

These annoying road ridges that punish automobile suspensions prompted my research into their causes.

I’ve learned that the ice grows in the direction of the heat loss — towards the surface — and it requires a water supply to continue feeding it. The second reason is related to benzene which is a derivative of crude oil, which we all know is part of the makeup of our roadways today. Well, while I don’t particularly care for swerving all over the roads to avoid the bumps and dips — However I do prefer roller-coaster pavement over dirt roads.

On a personal note

Celebrating anniversaries this week on Feb. 9 are Jim and Maria Ligon, and Dan and Juanita Cameron.

Blowing out birthday candles this week are Cole Mosher, Hilary Isaac Vaughn and Patrick Hennessey on Feb. 9; Chet Hensel, Carol Hall, Zachary Hennessey, Laura Rafferty, Nick Moon, and Filomena Riviello on Feb. 10; Amanda Castro, Donna Keck, Kara and Kailey Bacon on Feb. 11; Pastor Nathan Herrmann on Feb. 12; Trudy Siletti on Feb. 13; and Karen Ackley Ward on Feb. 15.

Jackwax work prompts Evie’s help

I believe it is in fact “crunch time” for the Jack Wax Party, as I have started dreaming about it at night. If you are interested in donating your time, a food item or both please contact me, Kathy Templeton, at 623-2967 or via email at feidenk33@yahoo.com.

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