Gun rights touted

To the Times of Ti:

I see Mr. Gary P. Guido (letter to the editor Jan. 19) did not answered my question as to “Why legal law abiding gun owners must be punished with these new laws” nor has anyone “Before you ask for our guns I ask you take a deep breath and think.” Laws should be written and enacted, not on emotions but for the good and best interest of the people as a whole, without trampling our Constitutional rights. You also need to read the article (editorial) written in the Times of Ti Jan. 26 titled “Cuomo’s gun law will do little to prevent further violence.”

Mr. Guido states “there will still be deranged people out there who will unfortunately kill, but just like the coming of a new day we can’t stop it” so he concedes that there is no way to stop this type of carnage yet he believes the best and only way to stop these people is with stricter gun laws for law abiding legal gun owners? Is that not an unintelligent statement? That our days will be “brighter and safer?” Where is the deterrent to stop them (deranged and the criminals)? Could it be our judicial system is screwed up by not keeping the criminals and deranged people locked up or getting them the help they need? The mental health laws in place now need to be changed for as they stand now they protect only the mentally ill’s rights and not the public and too many fall between the cracks. We need a better way to protect not only our children but ourselves from these people without infringing on our constitutional rights or theirs.

We have an assault weapon ban in NYS it is still in effect from the 1994 AWB which was not reinstated in 2004 and in 2004 critical review of research on firearms by a National Research Council http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_National_Research_Council panel also noted that academic studies of the assault weapon ban ‘did not reveal any clear impacts on gun violence’ and noted ‘due to the fact that the relative rarity with which the banned guns were used in crime before the ban ... the maximum potential effect of the ban on gun violence outcomes would be very small.”

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