Shame on Crown Point

To the Times of Ti:

This is a sad report (Crown Point rejects school merger) from the Times of Ti e-mail (online) edition. It is really pathetic, showing the immense manipulative power of small citizen groups in Crown Point (as in Ti) who have subverted a logical, methodical analytical process to evaluate a possible merger.

The planned process would clearly not have bypassed the community’s decision and would have given multiple opportunities to vote down a merger. But this Crown Point group has manipulated that process, ganged up on the board before any final report was published, and essentially forced them -- for political reasons -- to reject the merger out of hand.

What a waste of the money and efforts of all those involved in the merger study -- clearly a great amount of expended money and effort.

What can one say except shame on the Crown Point school board -- and town government -- for allowing this to happen in this way.

Lost to both communities is the estimated $1 million annual savings that could have benefited both towns. It will rightly leave many voters aghast that the process could have played out this way in a democratic society where ordinary respectful citizens had been led to believe that they would have later had a vote on a merger which will now be denied them. Shame!

Richard Wray


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