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The year 2013 seemed to flash by in the blink of eye. It’s hard to believe we’re in the last week of the year but it’s time to face facts like it or not 2014 is starring us in the face. The pace of life these days seems to have accelerated the calendar. Technology was suppose to give us more time but oddly it has done the opposite, keeping us so occupied that times flies bye.

I have mixed feeling when it comes to turning the page on 2013 but each new year brings new hope, optimism and a sense of new beginnings. 2013 Had it’s moments of ups and down. It was oddly very different than 2012 but yet in other ways continued with unresolved issues carried over from the previous year.

The year closed on a positive note with our government bodies finally agreeing on a two year federal budget plan that received bipartisan support. Congressman Ryan and Senator Murray put partisan politics aside and found a way address their party philosophical differences and focused on the common ground which they could both agree. Our government was facing another debt limit showdown in February, so we must consider it an encouraging sign that an agreement was reached by these long time bickering political parties averting another possible shutdown of the federal government like we experienced in the fall. If we’ve learning nothing over the last few years, it is that nothing beneficial gets accomplished when the two sides dig their heels and lob grenades at each other.

2013 left us hanging in many different ways. The economy hasn’t shown any true clear direction towards recovery or recession. The stock market continues to soar upwards and gasoline prices continue to ebb and flow showing no rational signs of why. Health care hasn’t gotten any cheaper. Many Americans have lost their health insurance and there still appears to be as much ranker over where the Affordable Health Care Act will take the nation, as its roll out has been fraught with many problems.

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