Thank you, Obama

To the Editor:

I recently signed up for new health insurance. Until this year, it has been very difficult to find good individual health insurance. Many companies did not even offer the option, and the policies which were available were difficult to understand. I ended up paying good money for a junk policy.

Thanks to President Obama and the Affordable Care Act, all that has changed for the better. It is much easier to shop for individual health insurance now, and all of the plans offer quality coverage. Pre-existing medical conditions no longer prevent people from buying health insurance, and parents can keep their children covered for a longer period. Preventative care is now covered and subsidies are available to make the cost more affordable.

There has been so much venom in Congress and the conservative press that people may not realize that “Obamacare” can make their lives better. Becoming seriously ill without health insurance can be financially ruinous. If you need health insurance, now is the time to look – don’t let the conservative hysteria scare you off.

Richard Morse,


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