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To the Valley News:

Mr. Hubschman ought to check his facts before alarming the people of Elizabethtown regarding a comprehensive plan. The Town of Willsboro had a paid zoning officer for years before the comprehensive plan was in the works. The plan itself, led by a committee of citizens representing a wide range of Willsboro people, guided by many expert advisors in fields ranging from soil scientist to community planners, was a three year process. From the initial meeting the public was encouraged to participate. There were many informational public forums throughout the process and the public was invited to each monthly meeting of the steering committee. A town wide survey was given. Every effort was made to include the opinions, experience and needs of the community. The Committee worked closely with our town officials, our zoning officer participated in the majority of the meetings, bringing concerns, criticisms of the drafts and suggestions. The same was said of members of our Planning Board and Zoning Board. Members of these boards brought the needs they saw with the previous Town Plan. When drafts began several board members and a few citizens critiqued the plan line by line and line by line their concerns were addressed in every one of several drafts. Town law, state law and the required Adirondack Park’s regulations were followed as requirements demanded.

Mr. Hubschman, the Willsboro Comprehensive Plan was not written by newcomers who wished to change our Town. There were multi generational residents, farmers, teachers as well as transplants. The Willsboro Comprehensive Plan was not written to change the Town we all love, but to protect the characteristics we love and its residents young and old.

Mary Stratton


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