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The indictment against the Barber woman charged her with having stolen a sum of money from a trial juror a year ago when during the term of Supreme Court a man lodged over night in the boarding house she maintained, money was found missing when he got up in the morning. It was thought that enough evidence for a conviction could not be secured against her.

The Monroe woman was held for a violation of the excise law in Hague and was tried a year ago in County Court. The jury failed to agree in the case and she has since changed her place of residence.

Indian Lake’s wilderness days

In the early days the general area of the town of Indian Lake, situated 1750 feet above sea level, was called Gilman. This wild area was composed of several of the present towns, Long Lake and Wells among them.

There is a story of how Indian Lake separated from this town. One day a Mr. Peary’s pig got into a Mr. Bealie’s garden and a dispute arose as to how the matter would be settled. There was no Justice of the Peace, nor other officers within 25 miles, so the people saw the need of having someone enforce the law.

The place had ten freeholders and so it separated and became a town which was made up of what is now Long Lake. Later, around 1757, the town was divided and each area became a town by itself. At this time the town was a wilderness. The settlers used to sit on their doorsteps and listen to the cry of wild animals. The wolves used to follow them to their doors at night. Miles Washburn was elected as Indian Lake’s first supervisor.

(Note: Old stories abound and other history sources say that about the year 1765 a Banakee Indian from the province of Quebec, known as Sabael Benedict, first discovered the town and gave it it’s name. Former Warrensburgh Town Historian, the late Mabel Tucker, traced her ancestry back to this man and John Mitchell, Sabael’s grandson.)

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