Why apathy

To the Valley News:

Recently an Essex County Supervisor whined about the apathy shown by county citizens during the budgeting process. If he does not know why we will not comment on their Einstein-like budget plan, then let me enumerate the reasons:

• If the Supervisors will not listen to their, “good old boy,” manager when he tells them they are wrong, why would a citizen think they would be listened to? The Supervisors will just go ahead and do what they want anyway.

• When three towns (Ticonderoga, Lake Placid, Moriah) can and do dictate to the board with their overpowering weighted vote, what effect would words from smaller towns have?

• When the absence of one of the town Supervisors above can bollix the train (wreck), what good does commenting by citizens of other towns do?

• When Supervisors have as their prime interest budgets other than the county, what good do comments do?

• When Supervisors claim that our citizens pay less than other counties, but our overall taxes have never gone down. If the County takes less, the town and the school takes more, what good do comments do?

• When we watch project after project be mismanaged and brought in over time and over budget, what good do comments do? (I really do not understand why the tree huggers worried about the county radio system bothering the Bicknells Thrush; by the time the system is built, the bird will be off the endangered list).

So why do we not comment upon the budgets – railing against incompetence and inefficiency is like wrestling with a pig. It only accomplishes two things, it gets you dirty and makes the pig angry.

Please Santa, bring us a REAL County Legislature instead of the abomination we have now. We deserve better.

George King


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