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Well Mother Nature won out over us here in Willsboro this weekend, we got our first heavy snow storm and it kind of shut things down this past Sunday. Some of our churches had to cancel due to the hardship of members getting out in the early morning. Our road crews do a great job on the main roads, but it takes us a little longer to get out of our driveways, but is beautiful with everything covered in white.

This past Friday around 10 of the Willsboro School Alumni visited the Senior Community and spent time singing carols and visiting with the residents. We all had a great time, it is a great place to go visit with those living there, and it is now well decorated for the holiday.

The Willsboro Heritage Society is starting to make plans for the next two years to celebrate the Battle of the Boquet, the following year will be Willsboro’s 250 year Birthday. Anyone that would like to get involved check with Charlie Lustig or Ron Bruno about the meeting date and feel free to come join them. Also, a reminder the 2014 Heritage calendars are available in a few places around town.

By the time you get to read this edition there will only be about six days until Christmas. The local Churches have all planned special Christmas Eve services, some with candle light time and some special music all are most welcome and urge you to come join us.

We send our sympathy to the Lansing family, the passing of David leaves many community roles to be filled. Dave was very dedicated to his community. The Pleasant Valley Coral group dedicated their Holiday Concert to the Memory of David, reminded that at one time he was part of their group.

The Beautification Committee held their judging of the outdoor holiday decorating contest this past weekend, will announce the winners next week.

Happy Birthday to: Rhonda Belzile Dec. 24, James Russell Dec. 24, Alberta Curran Dec. 25, Kymberli Young Dec. 26, Peg Schnieder Dec. 27. I often wonder how December Birthday people get to fully enjoy their birthdays right close to Christmas?

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