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Transitioning into winter should be easy, as we are hearty North Country residents…but the complaints are already being heard! Without the proper precautions, the darkness and the cold can get the best of us. The body, mind & spirit WINTER SERIES started this past week and judging from the noise level, was not only well received, but informational and inspirational, helping to chase the darkness away.

The first Speaker of the Winter Wellness Series was MARY ANN LEFEVRE, a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Reiki, and small business owner. MARY ANN’s joy with her life’s work is inspirational and infectious (in a good way)! She inspired the audience to think about health and wellness in a holistic manner – her approach to health and healing is one of respecting the messages your physical body sends. The physical body is very often the reflection of an individual’s dimensions of whole body health: mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. The very foundation of Massage Therapy is touch; simple, powerful, and essential.

Many believe Massage Therapy to be the precursor to other forms of manual therapy; including physical therapy, chiropractic and even orthopedics. There are references in Eastern and Western medical traditions for millennia highlighting the benefits of energy work, touch therapy, and massage. Massage Therapy is considered by many to be an Integrated and Intuitive therapy modality; that massage is an important component of health maintenance and healing.

Diet and healthful eating were on the evening’s menu as well! There was much great discussion about the effects of food choice on health, longevity, and quality of life. So much of the modern diet consists of processed foods that may fill us but not necessarily nourish us in the ways our bodies need to be at peak performance. We can become easily overwhelmed by information regarding correct food choice; however, MARY ANN suggested a simple first step to better health: drink more water. For optimal health we should consider drinking ounces of water equal to half of our body weight. For example, if you weigh 140 pounds, you should be drinking 70 ounces of water each day. Simply taking this first step can help your body hydrate and reap the benefits of adequate hydration such as better absorption of nutrients from foods we eat, digestion, and maintenance of body temperature. Drinking more water also promotes better organ functioning including your brain, liver, and skin. Essential oils and supplements are other pieces of the “magic” that Maryann uses toward restoring her clients. Scent plays an amazing part in our emotional well-being. Her oils include lavender for calm, valor for strength and courage, and lemon oil for anxiety.

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