Face the plan

To the Valley News:

Now that elections are over it is time to face the, “comprehensive plan.” Is it a coincidence that Willsboro and Etown are facing new plans and both incumbents got beat? Willsboro had to have a full time enforcer and I would surmise that Etown would follow suit. More money. Friends of mine in Willsboro are not too fond of the plan and I would surmise that folks would have come out of the woodwork to complain about all that does not suit them. There is a quote that fits this “if we could just pass a few more laws, we could all be criminals” by Vinnie Moscaritolo. I still believe that Adirondackers don’t want anymore rules as we already have the APA and, “leave me alone,” fits the thinking of many. Ti threw the plan away and so can we. Jim Jackson has it right, too many folks came here to change our way of life and that is not wanted. Why would someone move somewhere to change the new area? I moved here as I liked it here.

Bill Hubschman


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