Cameras needed

To the Valley News:

Two Riddles.

Riddle #1 - What do the following establishments have in common: ACAP, Elizabethtown Hospital, Aubuchon’s Hardware, Champlain National Bank, Family Dollar, Elizabethtown Thrift Store, Kinney Drugs, Stewarts Shops, Ticonderoga Federal Credit Union, Elizabethtown Hall, Essex County Buildings, Elizabethtown Lewis Central School Buses, Division of Motor Vehicles?

Answer: They all use video cameras for security and safety. These devices have become common place. They lower insurance rates for establishments that use them. They promote a safer work environment. They deter theft and keep the cost of goods and services lower that would normally be raised to cover the cost of theft. If something is damaged or people are injured the pictures from the camera are there to be viewed for what had happened. They are also useful in the apprehension of criminals, as in the bombing at the Boston marathon.

Security devices monitor activity and do not record sound. The pictures are usually stored for a certain period of time and then deleted, erased or taped over. Some people use them in their homes to protect their property or to watch a child or an elderly family member that might be home alone so they can keep an eye on them if they should fall or have a need. Security cameras are quite common place and useful in today’s society.

Riddle #2 - Why is there such a fuss over the Elizabethtown Hall installing security cameras on the front and back doors?

Answer: It is an election year and someone had to dig deep to make a political issue out of nothing.

The safety and well being of town, county and government employees is the responsibility of those we have elected to oversee our local, county and state governments. If you are concerned about a security camera taking a picture of you then you might find it hard to enter the establishments listed under riddle #1. Also, the next time you drive on the Northway or any other major road in the country “smile” cause you’re on camera. You can also look up “Google Earth” and you might even see yourself walking around town.

Mary McGowan


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