Remembering Julia Cadbury

To the News Enterprise:

When the high school students attended Les Miserables at the Theatre Institute on Oct. 4, they learned Indian Lake had lost a good friend.

Mrs. Julia Cadbury was a member of our community here at Indian Lake and a benefactor to our school children. She honored us with her generosity on many occasions, making it possible for elementary, middle and high school students to see shows we might not have otherwise. She spent her own money to provide bus transportation several times. When we arrived at the theater, everyone made a fuss over the Indian Lake students because Mrs. Cadbury was our biggest fan.

Her husband, Warder Cadbury, was an Adirondack History scholar, and he and Judy were especially fond of Heritage Week and its effort to cultivate and instruct ILCS students in local history. In recent years, Judy gave financial support to fund Heritage Concerts presented to the kids and the public. This involved Peggy Lynn, Dan Bergren and Dan Duggan’s group “Jamcrackers” working with elementary students in workshops to write and remember songs that teach about Indian Lake’s history as well as our natural history. These songs were then performed with the students at a public concert.

Therefore, as a token of its appreciation, the Indian Lake Faculty Association made a small donation to the Theatre Institute in Mrs. Cadbury’s name. Mrs. Cadbury passed away on Aug. 10.

Nora Harrington,

Indian Lake

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