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In 1879 the now-legendary Joseph Edward Sawyer went to work as a bookkeeper for the Glens Falls Hub and Spoke Co., and by 1883 he bought the business and established his own company. He moved to the three-story Glen Street Hill property in 1914 and the rest is history.

In 2006 developer Peter Rice, a Mohawk Indian, of Brightstar Development, claimed to have a contract to buy the property for $2.2 million, to demolish all except the main building and build a grand 125-room hotel, with 15 suites, and a convention center, plus a pedestrian walkway over Glen St. to the Glens Falls Civic Center, but nothing materialized.

Party’s uninvited guest threatens host

Charged with threatening to shoot Dr. Lemon Thomson, Orville Hull was arrested in his home at West Mountain by Deputy Sheriff Philip O’Connell. He was arraigned before Justice Prentiss Gifford as Warren County Judge Raley was out of town and could not be found to fix the bail for holding the prisoner for the Grand Jury and he was locked up in Glens Falls police headquarters.

Dr. Thomson recently built a bungalow at the foot of the mountain, where he often entertains. Recently an evening party was given there. Hull, who had not been invited, appeared during the evening under the influence of liquor and made himself obnoxious. The result was he was thrown out of the building by Dr. Thomson. It is said that he went to his home about two miles distant and returned with a gun with which, Dr. Thomson says, Hull intended to shoot him. The man was overpowered and the gun was taken away from him.

Wouldn’t stand for joshing

A sassy bunch of young fellows in Corinth recently attempted to “josh” Levi Mosher, of Thurman, who was passing along the street with several friends and were considerably surprised when the husky youth from up the line resented their insults and sailed into them with his fists. Leonard Cutter received a smack in the eye and later had Mosher arrested on a charge of assault in the third degree. He was arraigned before Justice of the Peace Brady, who fined him $5. Mosher went to Corinth to seek employment in the International Paper Mill.

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