Even ethics?

To the Valley News:

The Essex County Board of Ethics has existed for only a few years and as of Oct. 12, 2013 has publicly reprimanded four Republicans over various issues. All of these complaints were released for public consumption after Board determination.

Oddly enough, neither of the 2012 complaints against Elizabethtown’s Democrat Supervisor ever saw the light of day.

The first complaint was about various things, primarily illegal meetings and expenses regarding a sewer project that is now in litigation. The Ethics Board response was that the Town Board, the courts, or the NYS Comptroller would have to deal with those problems, so they did nothing.

The second complaint regarded a $55,000 water meter contract issued without going thru a required competitive bidding process. The Ethics Board found that Elizabethtown’s Procurement Policy had been violated, but they determined it was “ unintentional.” It apparently didn’t matter to them that NYS law and a legal town policy were violated. The case was closed and buried.

If adherence to the law can be flexible for Democrats, as in “ unintentional;” why are Republicans held to a different standard?

I wonder if the Ethics Board will be interested in the recently discovered secret surveillance cameras that the Supervisor intentionally placed in the Town Hall? Since secret video taping of employees in the workplace without their knowledge is illegal, is it not also unethical?

Ken Fenimore,


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