“Mood and Memory Clinic” opens in Plattsburgh

Dr. Taher Zandi, at he new office at 110 West Bay Plaza, Plattsburgh.

Dr. Taher Zandi, at he new office at 110 West Bay Plaza, Plattsburgh. Photo by Shawn Ryan.

— After opening and operating the Alzheimer’s Disease Assistance Center at Plattsburgh State University for over two decades, Dr. Taher Zandi is moving into private practice.

Zandi has opened the “Mood and Memory Clinic,” at 110 West Bay Plaza in Plattsburgh.

“I will continue providing care for Alzheimer patients, assessment and evaluations, that’s basically what I do,” said Zandi. “I set them up for assessment and testing, and they come here, and I will do all of these things within one session so that people who are traveling don’t have to keep coming back and forth.”

He works with physicians to develop treatment plans for patients, and is a consultant for CVPH as well.

Zandi opened the Assessment Center at Plattsburgh State in 1988. In his 25 years in practice, he has seen the understanding and treatment of Alzheimer’s and dementia change radically. Patients who used to be placed under the one umbrella of Alzheimer’s are now seen as having different conditions, with different causes and treatments.

What he hopes to see as well in the future, is a shift in the public’s perception of the elderly.

“The way I try to look at it is there is a reason for these people to be around. I think that culturally they are extremely important to make sure that information is passed on from generation to generation. They are the holders of the past. They are the wisdom of our society,” Zandi said.

Along with the Alzheimer’s or dementia patient, Zandi offers counseling services for family members and care givers as well. An especially hard time that Zandi helps families deal with is the decision of whether or not to put a loved on in assisted living or a nursing home.

He sees exciting trends in research developing over the next 10 years. While he doesn’t think a cure for Alzheimer’s is around the corner, he says that doctors are developing a better understanding of how to slow the progression of the disease.

“I think down the road the quality of life for people with dementia is going to improve,” he said.

The Mood and Memory Clinic can be reached at 534-1582.

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