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•100 years ago - August 1913•

Schroon River claims boy’s life

While for the first time in his 17 years of life enjoying the pleasure of going in swimming, Seward Hack and his 10-year-old brother, Grenville and friend Wyman Bennett, 16, went up the river Aug. 9, 1913 from their home on the “Klondike” in Lewisville, Warrensburgh carrying their bathing suits for an afternoon’s sport.

Arriving at a point on the Clark farm, where in a shady spot a sand bar extends for some distance into the Schroon River, the boys splashed in the shallow water, a short distance from Sheridan E. Prosser’s place (near Rosalee Avenue) off Horicon Avenue.

The boys were wading about the sand bar and young Hack, who could not swim, stepped off into 12 feet of water in the center of the river and sank immediately to the bottom. S.E. Prosser, Burnis Wade and Fred Glynn entered a boat and went rapidly to the scene and retrieved the body, which had been under water for half an hour, with a pike pole.

George Hack, young Hack’s father, who is employed at the Pulp Mill at Burnhamville, was brought to the scene by W.L.R. Durkee in his automobile. His grief when he saw the dead body of his boy was pitiful to behold. The corpse was taken home and the mother was prostrated and the heart-rending grief of the parents, the brother and five- year-old sister cast a pall of sadness over all.

The dead youth was employed in the cutting room of the shirt factory. He was a good boy. The family came here last spring from Stony Creek and the body was taken back to that place for burial.

Governor sidesteps impeachment

The record of New York Gov. William Sulzer during his campaign will go under the scrutiny of the Frawley investigating committee of the Senate despite the governor’s declaration that the committee is without authority to investigate him. The investigation is part of the effort of the governor’s opponents to bring about his removal from office on a charge of violating the corrupt practices act and to dispose him from the governorship.

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