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The members of the Westport Ambulance Squad would like to thank everyone who donated so generously to our recent Stretcher Drive. The response was truly inspiring and exceeded our goal, which was to purchase a stretcher with power lift capacity to match the one in our other ambulance. As I explained earlier, we have two ambulances and only one automatic stretcher. The old stretcher was manual lift. Thanks to your contributions we were able to purchase a better-equipped model than the one we were thinking of, one with heavy duty adjustable guard-rails on the sides. This will allow us to better serve bariatric (plus-size) patients and provide them with greater comfort during transport.

Would you like to have a look at the new stretcher? Or visit the Firehouse for a tour of the ambulances and fire trucks? Maybe you’ll wind up joining our volunteer firefighters or EMS crew! We are always looking for new volunteers. Drop me an email and I’ll be happy to set it up and answer any questions you might have.

Bring a lawn chair or blanket to the Performance Pavilion in Ballard Park on Sunday, Sept. 1 at 3 p.m. for the second production in our annual Shakespeare-in-the-Park Festival: “All’s Well That Ends Well,” directed by Rebecca Lincoln. Meet Helena, one of the Bard’s most intriguing women characters. The daughter of a famous doctor, Helena cures the King of a mysterious illness and as a prize she is allowed to choose any man in the kingdom as her husband. She chooses Bertram, but he can’t stand her and flees. Later, he writes and tells her that he will only be her true spouse if she can get his family ring off his hand and become pregnant by his child.

Well, now. I’m betting she’ll manage it somehow, and also that the result will be hugely entertaining.

American Studio Theater is Westport’s own Carrie Treadwell and her friends, professional actors from New York and Los Angeles who come back year after year to give us a unique (literally—there’s only one show!) performance of a Shakespeare play each Labor Day weekend. Oh, and it’s always FREE! It’s also always hard to tell who’s having more fun, them or the audience. See you there, I hope.

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