Concern for others

To the Editor:

Always I have been pleased by my Scotch ancestry and always I have enjoyed what Robert Burns said: “The greatest gift that God could give us, is to see ourselves as others see us.” 

Sadly, however, these drone attacks by our government are wrong because there is no concern for other human beings. The administration is conducting these attacks together with the Pentagon, the CIA and other agencies. 

If we are to “see ourselves as others see us” we must know that the people in their own land overseas consider these attacks savage upon their own land. 

The little girl Malala nearly died as a result of a savage attack by a member of the Taliban, but out government attack on all suspected terrorists is savage for it is also a war on civilians and a war that will never end. 

What can we do if we want to do something?

Well, one thing we can do is to finally come to the realization that our government, state as well as federal, treats us like little children. We are told what will be done and we are also told that we have nothing to say about it. A good example is the imposing of the Safe Act in New York State. 

Another thing that can be one by those who choose not to be treated at little children is to form a group of freelance people who will have “a voice in their own affairs.” I will stand beside these freelancers because I am best suited for the job and that is because, although I am a registered Republican, most of my closest and dearest friends are registered Democrats. 

We can have a sort of junction confederation which actually is a joining together of the like-minded people. We can call it W& EJC. 

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