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Dezore Cleveland passed her permit on Aug. 5, her 16th birthday and the next day she drove Earl Allen to Northville to the calling hours of our dear friend, Bob Rockwell. So many will miss Bob at the engine shows. Later in the week, 19 gathered at the home of Keisha Sprague for the 16th birthday of Dezore and Megan Pierson.

There was a family gathering at Basil and Wick’s for dinner one day last week to celebrate Neil Dunkley’s 50th birthday. Also camped in Long Lake for a night of relaxation.

Many have again enjoy the Great Escape. Soon will be too cold for the rides.

There were 15 to enjoy making a necklace and or a bracelet with so many of choices of beads on Aug. 10 at the Sodom Community Church with snack refreshments.

There was a huge turnout for the Bluegrass Festival at the Ski Bowl in North Creek over the weekend.

Joseph Morgan and Desiree Steady were married on Aug. 17 at the home of his parents Mark and Joyce Virgil Morgan.

Justine Freebern enjoyed going to see Rollin Swinton one day last week with Harry and Nancy Monroe. Rollin fell again and was taken to Glens Falls Hopsital. He was in his wheel chair this time. Nothing broken but spent Sunday night in hospital.

Caroline Hayes enjoyed entertaining with a barbecue, candle party and a chocolate tasting on Aug. 10 at her home.

The George and Cora Allen family reunion was held Sunday at Minerva Beach. It’s always great when families get together.

Fabiann Conlon painted the Steeple at the Sodom Community Church two different days last week. Alonzo Conlon painted the area next the the ball on top. The truck and lift belonged to Bob Walker. It’s way too high in the air for most of us.

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