Stinking Thinking

Kids Count

Mind Reading: In this way of thinking, people assume that other people’s behaviors are almost negative towards them though the reality seems to contradict these assumptions.

The “Should Problem”: This thinking is primarily focused on criticizing yourself and others. Blaming yourself with a litany of “should” keeps you inert and much less able to experience your life in the present moment.

Self-name Calling: Referring to yourself as “stupid” or a “loser” or any other self-demeaning names is likely to keep you from feeling competent enough to analyze your problems in a way that may lead to a solution. Be generous to yourself and others with forgiveness do not refer to yourself or others with words that hurt or demean.

Being “Superman or Superwoman”: This exercise involves making yourself responsible for everything that goes wrong in your life. “I got the flu because I am too lazy to take good care of myself, I guess I deserve it.” “I got the flu and although I got a flu shot, I got it anyway just as many other people that I know..

Everyone one of us has fallen prey to “stinking thinking” at times and no matter how vigilant you are it can still happen. Young people can be especially harsh on themselves and need adults to help them keep their issues in perspective. It really isn’t the end of the world. It is that voice inside each of us that is hyper critical, unreasonable, rude and mean. If you had to deal with this kind of person every day you would avoid this person or simply have nothing to do with them. I would suggest that you treat that voice inside you the same way.

Remember, all kids count.

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