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Dear MaD advice:

I am a new college grad and have been interviewing for professional positions, but not seeming to get a job offer. Although I thought I was prepared, I don’t seem to be the first pick. My parents are hovering and asking too many questions, always seeming to end in a fight. I need advice on the job interview and on the parents!

From Sally:

Job searches can be a hot, volatile topic or they can be a supportive on-going conversation. To Parents: it is not your life and so long as your children are supporting themselves or you have had the conversations about that up-coming reality, they need to find their own place in the world. Being a little hungry and short on cash is what drives all of us to seek something bigger and better. I recommend a more formal approach to talk about the job search by planning to and then sitting down to intentionally have these discussions. Ask, listen, and add to their plan, don’t lecture or tell them what to do.

To Young Adults: Having an ultimate goal and then pointing your job search in that direction, gets the stepping stones to success in line. It means being logical, but a little flexible in what you are willing to take as your initial job. As for the job interview, having your own strategy going in is what makes you successful. You are somewhat at the whim of how the business conducts their interviews, but doing your homework by researching the company and job description is where you start. Research other similar jobs to expand your knowledge. Never “wing it”, always prepare. Know how your work personality, education and experience relate to this job. Don’t assume that the employer will make those connections, as it is your job to align your skills to their needs. And lastly, it is all about THEM and how you can make THEM successful, not about you…until you get that job offer!

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