Denno receives 25 years for murder of Keeseville man

— Sprague said every bone in Rennie’s body was broken, both lungs were collapsed, and his liver was lacerated in multiple locations.

“He stated he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Reality is he made that event happen. He made that time and place happen. By the phone call to Paul Taylor and waiting in the parking lot until they eventually found,” said Sprague.

Sprague said since the trial, Denno hasn’t show remorse for the crime and hasn’t offered an apology for his role in Rennie’sdeath.

“He’s a young man that fears incarceration and that is what he is remorseful for, how many years he is going to spend in prison,” Sprague said. “Scott Denno is a young man, he will have a life after prison, but Robert Rennie will not. And even though the sentence will not bring Robert back it will send a message to our communities of accountability for the senseless and heinous act, justice needs to be served here.”

Sprague closed by saying “The defendant has not accepted responsibility, he is not remorseful and he is a danger to our community. He does not deserve leniency. That he did not show Robert Rennie that night.”

Denno’s attorney, Joe Brennan, working for the Public Defender’s Office, defended Denno saying the court should recognize that his client was not the individual primarily responsible for Rennie’s death.

“Looking at each crime he has been charged with said extent to cause serious injury,” said Brennan. “I can’t focus on anything or any act that consistent to cause serious injury. There is no proof it was intentional.”

Before giving his verdict, Meyer said the crime cannot be looked at as if one person was more responsible than another in causing Rennie’s death.

“By engaging in conduct of those who acted in vigilantism, citizen cannot take the law into their own hands,” said Meyer.

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