Turning Back the Pages

•100 years ago - August, 1913•

Lady burned to death

Mrs. Anna Perry of Granville, who was badly burned at one of the camps on Lake George about 3 weeks ago, died at Glens Falls Hospital the morning of Aug. 2, 1913. She was working around an open fire when her skirts were blown into the blaze and ignited. She was taken to the hospital at once and was apparently improving until the day before her death.

Johnson family grieves death of child

The Henry Johnson family of Wevertown have the deepest sympathy of the entire community for the sad bereavement they have suffered in the death of their son, Leonard Ross, 11, who was killed in a most horrible manner and his younger brother, Barey, 9, had one leg broken and the other one was badly torn.

Little Barey was found sitting on the ground. He had taken his shoe off and was picking the pieces of bone and slivers from the tongue of the hay rake out of his leg. Both boys had been thrown over the front of the rake and under the horses feet, frightening the animals so that they ran away. (Note: The awful details of this horrific accident can be found in this column in the July 27, 2013 Journal.)

Centennial motion picture

Moving pictures of the Warren County Centennial, taken by the Glen Motion Picture Co. of Glens Falls are being shown this week at The World in Motion in that city.

Some of the films were made in Warrensburgh and show Justice Charles Evens Hughes, ex-Governor John A. Dix, Senator James A. Emerson and other notables, the soldiers and automobiles in the parade.

Rexford’s old time melody

At the Warren County Centennial Celebration, Senator James Emerson announced that by special request the old-time popular ballad, “Silver Threads Among the Gold,” would be sung. This delightful combination of melody and sentiment was written some 30 years ago by Eben Rexford, a native of the town of Johnsburgh, now of Shiocton, Mo., whose pen has also produced many other gems of melody. The several verses were feelingly rendered, without accompaniment, by Mrs. Harry Fisher.

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