Tell about the thing you do best

“I am really good at jumping off the swing at home and at my grandma’s.” (Hunter Monroe)

“I sing the best.” (Eloise Noel)

“I was good at helping my mom when she broke her foot.” (Kaylie O’Hara)

“The thing I do best is play ball with my dad.” (Chet Perryman)

“I am good at picking strawberries at my grandma’s.” (Autumn Smith)

“I am really good at cartwheeling.” (Alene Tabano)

“I like drawing pictures. I’m good at it.” (Savannah Virgil)

Johnsburg Central School

Mrs. Flanagan’s, Kindergarten

““The thing that I do best is playing everything.” (Bailey Brown)

“I care about my sister the best.” (Mason Englert)

“I want to be a teacher, because teaching is what I do best.” (Memphis Facey)

“I run the best.” (Kayla Gonyo)

“I am best at doing cartwheels.” (Ariana Harvey)

“The thing I like to do is play outside.” (Eli Morin)

“I play with my little sister.” (Elijah Muniz)

“I do my homework the best.” (Tristin Secor)

“I go outside and play.” (Maggie Selleck)

“I help my mommy make pancakes.” (Riley Sprague)

“I help my mom clean the dishes.” (Adriana Wasburn)

“I give my dogs their food, or dog bones.” (Emma Wilson)

“I am best at riding my bike.” (Morgan Woodard)

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