Tell about the thing you do best

Minerva Central School

Mrs. Williford, Kindergarten

“I’m really good at tiptoeing and jumping.” (Katelin McNally)

“I am good at riding horses.” (Caitlin Wamsley)

“I really like to ride my four wheeler and play video games.” (James Fish)

“I ride a mule vehicle the best.” (Alex Mather)

“I ride my Pops 4 wheeler the best.” (Hayden Taylor)

“I ride my bike the best.” (Thomas Ball)

Minerva Central School

Miss Gereau, Grade 5

“I am good at wall running up trees. I can run and push myself up the tree by running up it. I can also run and jump vertically.” (Lucas)

“I do sports best because I have much more energy than other people. That’s because I do a lot of outdoor sports like biking. I like biking because it makes my leg muscles get stronger. I am very athletic.” (Vince Charbonneau)

“Two things I do the best out of everything I can do. First is making things out of nature that no one would think of making like jewelry and toys. My second thing is ignoring people that are just trying to hurt my feelings or trying to be mean to people.” (Audrey Fish)

“What I do best is read. I love to read. It is very fun to me. I love silent reading time in school. I also like reading books with the class too.” (Jasmine Jenks)

Minerva Central School

Ms. Cleveland, Pre-Kindergarten

“I do tracing well.” (Erin Savarie)

“Play with my sister.” (Camran Morehouse)

“I sing.” (Sage Bayse)

“Help momma clean up my room.” (Halle LaBrecque)

“My colors.” (Kaitlyn Jenks)

“Play in my room.” (Claire Fish)

“Do puzzles.” (Raeanna Pratt)

“Play in my pool and swim!” (Macaylin Taylor)

Johnsburg Central School

Mrs. Knickerbocker, Kindergarten

“Play video games.” (Hayden Benham)

“My homework.” (Vasanti Collins)

“Skateboarding.” (Jayden Dick)

“Playing basketball.” (Liam McGowin)

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