Zimmerman verdict

As a veteran I can attest to the fact that trauma to the head can surely cause one to believe they are in danger of loss of life. The police should have taken Mr. Zimmerman to a hospital before taking him to the police station as this type of injury has caused death in many instances on and off the battlefield!

For Ms. Belden to bring up first degree murder is a reach for someone who was not a first hand witness to what actually happened that night. It is unfortunate there are places where Neighborhood Watch is needed, but perhaps Ms. Belden has never lived where robbery and murder are a real threat. I have my own thoughts about what actually happened but they are not relevant because I wasn’t also wasn’t a witness.

Second-guessing what happened has put many innocents in jail and many guilty parties have been set free. Our jury system was put to use and a verdict was rendered as verdicts have been rendered in millions of cases. I see Ms. Belden acting as what she called George Zimmerman, a vigilantly! We have had too many people executed who were later proven innocent because of overzealous prosecutors and false accusations. The trial has ended and Mr. Zimmerman was found innocent. Now is the time for our prayers to go to everyone involved and for the conjecture to stop.

Gary P. Guido, Ticonderoga

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