Racial code words

To the Editor:

Your viewpoint (Dan Alexander) of July 27 surprises and saddens me. As a journalist, how can you so blithely stereotype an entire race of people? You state “the problem is the never ending violence that young black males inflict against each other daily,” that “black America is murdering itself over drug turf, bruised egos etc.”

I am truly astounded that the publisher of a newspaper would make such statements. Since when did violence become only an African-American trait? When did such reasons for violence become assigned only to blacks? And the only time white Americans are affected is when they are “caught in the crossfire.” Whites are only innocent victims, never perpetrators?

You state that you think the president was “wrong to inject himself, his perspective.” It would seem that his perspective and life experiences are what white Americans like you, sir, would do well to listen to and try to understand.

Trayvon Martin was walking home. George Zimmerman followed him (because he was black and fit your stereotype), carried a gun, got out of his car and confronted him. If Zimmerman had stayed in his car as instructed by police, wasn’t carrying a gun or Trayvon Martin had been white we, like many others, believe that this tragedy would never have happened.

Perhaps living in — and writing for — or a rather narrow racial milieu allows you to perceive all young black men as worthy of your stereotype. “Less fortunate urban population?” What, no whites live in cities and are poor?

Using these tired old racial code words is lazy journalism and not worthy of the publisher of the Valley News.

Jeff and Charlene Kleiman


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