‘Speak out’ for babies instead

To the Editor:

The editorial “Speak Out For Those Who Cannot” had me fooled. I had imagined the editorial board was going to be brave enough to discuss abortion. My bad!

Instead, the opinion piece was about the poor care of cats & dogs at a pet store in Plattsburgh. Fair enough.

However, I don’t think you’d ever read an opinion - either way - that touches on unborn babies being slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands each year in the USA. It’s the number one cause of death, bar none.

The editors lamented the fact that animals can’t speak up for themselves. Babies in the womb can’t either. When you consider that it’s their own mothers who decide to end their precious lives, it’s even harder to comprehend.

I for one, hope readers of this paper will someday read and write things in support of baby humans. Jesus, in comparing the birds of the air to a person, asked “Are you not of more value than they?” As humans, we are more valuable than all of the creatures on earth.

So choose life, and I mean human life!

John P. Sharkey, Ticonderoga

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